Although Barston Lake has been fished on and off since it was created more than 40 years ago, little is known of the original resident stocks of fish, although it had a reputation amongst locals for holding some big carp which are believed to run to more than 30lbs .

However, these fish have been supplemented with more than 20,000 small Common and Mirror Carp , and 750 Common and Mirror Carp up (all doubles) were introduced from British Waterways' Naseby Reservoir.  These fish are now showing regularly and are stacking on the weight because Barston Lake is such a large water with plenty of natural food.  In addition to "the scar" at 30lbs 6oz there has been a rumour of a 33lb fish in 2008.  In early 2014 two fish were brought in from a Manor House pool in Kent, at the time of introduction they weighed 30lb and 37lb.

Barston holds the record for a British Carp Angling Championship (BCAC) match venue, producing 1296lb of fish in a 48 hour match.   As a result, Barston is quickly attracting a regular and growing following amongst specialist carp anglers from throughout the Midlands, who can bivvy up near their pegs and fish for virtually as long as they wish.  Best results for the carp are to fish light in the day for some runs, the method is particularly good, with mini boilie, and heavy at night, fishing two or three rods using boilies and a pva bag or stringer. 

There is a stone track down the left side of the lake, and this bank is most popular, as you don't have to walk, but if you are prepared to walk along the right hand bank there are plenty of areas where you can bivvy up which are much quieter but where the fishing is equally good.  If you are planning to stay overnight or for a longer period, it may well pay you to try this bank, and it can be nice and quite if there are no matches on. Make sure that you check the sign in the shop for the forthcoming matches as club matches are held on this bank at the weekends.

Night fishing is allowed but all anglers must hold a night permit.  Permits are available to anyone subject to the terms indicated on the form and are just £25 a year.

Please note there are a few dates where the whole lake is booked, these dates are on the matches page for your convenience.

Customer pictures of Carp caught at The Lake at Barston.

Read about the 2009 British Carp Angling Championship Champion of Champions event held at Barston here.

Anglers, please report any big fish to us with photos if possible.