Barston Lake is the main lake, this is used for matches, pleasure fishing and carp fishing.    Matches can be booked on the right hand bank (River side) for 12 - 40 pegs, for larger matches the whole lake can be booked.

Pegs 1-20    These pegs are regularly used for matches as all matches are on this bank, and if the wind is coming from the north, the end peg could be full of fish!  All four foot deep.

Pegs 21-40    These pegs have some hidden features and if you draw the right peg and find the feature, you will bag up if you get it right!  The island is also a realistic target for casting to. Pegs 33 to 37 are on the island. All pegs are four foot deep on the pole line.

Pegs 41-60    Certain conditions can favour these pegs and they are probably the ones that get fished the least, so you will need to figure out how best to catch on these pegs. Four foot going down to 7 foot deep at peg 60.

Pegs 61-80    The water deepens underneath the electricity wires from around 7' to 15' so these can be good pegs in the cold if the fish are searching for some depth.  Otherwise try catching on the drop, or in the margins.

Pegs 81-100    When the wind comes from the South you may find the fish in the top corner around peg 80 but the whole section 80-100 have produced decent weights. All pegs are four foot deep.

Pegs 101-125    This is a well fished section with lots of feed going in around here, popular pegs include the ones opposite the island which is reachable with a good cast. Some pegs are on the back of the island, a good 90 yard chuck.  All pegs are four foot in depth again.

Particularly good pegs for wheelchair users are between 90-120 and have nearby parking.  Please note that there is a public footpath around the lake (including a bridle path down the River bank) and ask that you do not block the footpath.  Beware of leaving poles in particular on the path, as you might find the occasional horse or bike coming down the path.