Barston Lakes is an all round Fishing venue at the West Midlands Golf Club in Solihull, conveniently located for Coventry, Birmingham, Solihull, Leamington and Warwick.  We have the 125 peg, 21 acre Barston Lake which holds Carp to 37lb and is available for Carp (inc Night) Fishing and booking for matches from 10 to 100 people.  Half of the lake has car parking behind the peg or close by, and some pegs are suitable for wheelchair users, the right hand side of the lake has a public footpath / bridle path.   We also have the 10 peg Jake's Lake (Specimen Carp, up to 35lb+) and the 18 peg Daisy's (pleasure fishing), which are not used for matches so are available on a first come, first served basis.

Anglers are allowed to use the golf clubhouse, and there is a bar open from 7am, with food available (opening times are seasonal) to take back to your peg, and toilets and showers available.  When using the clubhouse, we respectfully ask you to wash your hands, and remove any fishing clothing before coming into the clubhouse.

There are very few rules here at Barston,  No barbed hooks, No surface fishing, No braid mainline (although it is allowed 1st November to 1st May) and no keepnets unless in a match (in which case you will need one for silvers and one for carp). There are a few more rules for the Carp club members, if you wish to night fish, you must have a night permit and agree to the rules, you must check before night fishing if there are any matches on the following morning.  Please also be aware that we closely monitor anglers here throughout the day, and we will not tolerate anyone messing around in any way, you will be asked to leave with no tickets being refunded.

All fish must be returned to the water, no taking of fish is allowed and if we find anyone taking fish we will report it to the police.  Anglers are encouraged to notify us if they suspect anyone to be fishing with intent to kill or take fish off site.  Our fish are micro chipped and you may be asked to hold onto fish for tag checking at any time.

On certain dates the main lake will be fully booked for matches, see the calendar at the bottom of the page to check when matches are arranged.  Not all dates are the whole lake though, they may be smaller matches meaning the road bank is still available for day tickets and carp fishing.

Prices (Please note we only take contactless payments (No Cash)

Day ticket prices (per person)

Each angler may use 1 or 2 rods

8 hours


8 hours Junior / Senior £9.50
8 - 16 hours £18.00
17 - 24 hours * requires permit £25.00
Extra rod on any ticket £2.00

Fixtures Calendar

On the dates below there may be restriced pegs available or the lake may be closed for matches or events.

If the booking states "Whole Lake" then all pegs are in use, if it states for example 1-60 this means the whole of the right hand bank is in use, but the left hand bank (road side) will be available.

Matches are only held on the big lake (Barston Lake). Match times are normally 9am-4pm so if you are arriving to fish after a match you can drive down after 4pm, although you can arrive after 3pm to walk down and reserve your peg with a bucket, or other item.