Biggest Fish

35lb 6oz - George Johnson

16th May 2014, Mirror Carp caught by George Johnson from Coventry caught on peg 117, fishing with a Dynamite Baits hooking pellet over a bed of pellets, close in under an overhanging tree.  George hooked the fish and landed her safely on 6lb line with a size 16 barbless hook. Well done George! George was also the first person to catch the fish since being stocked in January 2014 and we have honoured him by calling her "George" after him.

Match Record (5 hours)

250lb - Steve Porter

Caught from peg 15 on Monday 25th August 2014. 

Carp Match record (48 hours, pairs)

1292lbs - Andy & Tom Maker

22nd - 24th July 2011 Father & Son pair Andy & Tom from Maidstone, Kent during the 2011 British Carp Angling Championship semi final no 2.

Biggest Carp in a match

22 lb 9oz - Lee Taylor

Caught on the pole from peg 25 while fishing a pellet over a bed of pellets.  6th May 2013.

Biggest Fish - Jakes Lake

20lb 12oz - Nigel Pashley

6th June 2014

Silvers only match record

120lbs - Darren Cox

May 2010