To check availabilty of the lake, please see the fixtures calendar on the homepage.

We run our Barston Masters matches one per month, with one angler qualifying from each section to the Masters Final which is held in November.  The final winner will win £2022 for the 2022 event.

Each match is for 72 anglers per match with 8 sections of 9 anglers, therefore 8 section winners qualify from each round (or by default if winner has already qualified). 8 rounds gives us a 64 man final on November.

Anglers may continue to fish further rounds, fishing for prize money, if winner already qualified 2nd will go through by default and so on. (Q - already qualified in previous round, def - qualified by default)

JANUARY 8th Round 1
Rob Wood (Match Winner)
Paddy McMahon
Alex Walker
Ivan Winch
Chris Hill
Phil Canning
Matt Hayes
Jamie Harrison


FEBRUARY 5th Round 2
Paul Coop (Match Winner)
Mitch Hutchinson
Darren Mills
Jeff Wiseman
Darren Croft
Matt Bretherton
Charlie Simpson
Simon Jarrad

MARCH 5th Round 3
Carl Barnfield (Match Winner)
Paul Brand
Nigel Harrhy
Trevor Wyse
Mick Bull
Joe Jagger
Geoff Valance
Les Moody


APRIL 2nd Round 4
Neil Carless (Match Winner)
Paul Twigg
Stefan Gent
Neil Powell
Mike Buckwalker
Mick Smith
Martin Paynter
Steve Beard

MAY 7th Round 5
Tony Johnstone (Match Winner)
Richie Watts
Steve Martin
Pete Davies
Dan Bevan
Luke White
Pete Caton
Andy Fulleylove


JULY 2nd Round 6
Tony Johnstone (Match Winner)
Rich Toomer
Ryan McDonald
Chris W
Nick Wilson
Rob Wooton
Baz Bird

AUGUST 6th Round 7
Ryan McDonald (Match Winner)
Roy Beasley
Nick Wilson
Pete Jupp
Lee Farmer
Andy Duckett
Matt McDermott
Wayne Colloff