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Match Rules (Angling Trust Rules apply)

We allow matches on the matchpool or Barston Lake (match pegs are 1-60) to book a match, please contact us by email or telephone on 01675 444890.

We our Barston Masters series which take the whole lake, including the Barston Bowl and the Barston Christmas match, if you would like to enter one of those please go to our online ticket retailer TYG Tickets

Please note the Barston lake is fully booked on the following dates.

It is becoming increasingly apparent of a new outbreak of KHV (Koi Herpes Virus) with various fisheries around the country closing due to fish deaths.  We ask that all anglers arrive with Dry nets, as it has now been proved that the disease can be transmitted by nets. 

Please dry out all of your nets at home as soon as you get home from fishing, or if fishing consecutive days get spare nets so you can always arrive at the next fishery with dry nets.  When arriving at your peg, please lay out your nets asap before setting up, and only put them in the water when they are dry and max 15 mins prior to the match.

Dates where the Barston lake is fully booked.

Other dates may have matches or may be busy but some pegs will be available on a first come first served basis.
Jakes and Daisys Lakes are always available on a first come, first served basis.

February 2018

Sat 17th - Golden Rod

Sat 24th - Barston Masters

2018 dates will follow shortly


Dates correct at time of writing.  Dates may change, other dates may be busy but tickets are first come first served.
Major matches.  Record of winners
Barston Bowl  
2006 - Mick Bull Midland Angler of the Year Final
2007 - Geoff Ringer 2003 - Neil Machin
2008 - Maurice Williams 2004 - Paul Yates
2009 - Andy Fullerlove 2005 - Jamie Masson
2010 - Tim Bull 2006 - Alex Bones
2011 - Danny Ashington 2007 - Richy Hull
2012 - Andy (Snowy) Ashington 2008 - Wayne Sharman
2013 - Phil Ringer 2009 - Dave Roberts
2014 - Phil Hardwick 2010 - Trevor Robinson
2015 - Mick Bull 2011 - Wayne Mellings
2016 - Lee Farmer 2012 - Nick Speed
2017 - Alec White 2013 - Graham Beckwith
  2014 - Jamie Hughes
Christmas Match 2015 - Dean Kenworthy
2005 - Carl Mullen 2016 - Darren Cox
2006 - Mick Bull 2017 - Simon Fry
2007 - Kenny Belcher  
2008 - Simon Willsmore  
2009 - Carl Bradbury Barston Masters
2010 - Jason Shirley 2011 - Pemb Wrighting
2011 - Snowy Ashington 2012 - Simon Allen
2012 - Simon Fry 2013 - Ian Leach
2013 - Suzi Smith 2014 - Danny Tresigne
2014 - Richie Hull 2015 - Steve Beard
2015 - Alec White 2016 - Glen Picton
2016 - Dan Bevan 2017 - Wayne Sharman

Barston Lakes, Marsh House Farm Lane, Barston, Solihull, West Midlands, B92 0LB

01675 444890       Link  to our other sites